Three Panel Wall Calendar

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Three Panel Wall Calendar


STANDARD calendar is the smallest of our three panel wall calendar. The size 310x690mm is perfect for any wall and will certainly be noticed by customers.
It has 3 separate calendars (for current month, previous month and next month). The dimensions of a signle calendar is 290x145mm.

  • Main calendar body printed on 250g board
  • Date indicator window
  • Flat or "Pillow" head
  • Optional extra advertising space
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Calendar Standard - is a classic calendar with flat or "pillow" head, on which you can place an individual project, and 3 separate calendars.
Head of the calendar is printed in full color on 250g board. Appended to the head is the board in neutral gray color with 3 calendars - the current month, as well as the previous and next printed on 80g offset paper.

Optional advertising space size 310x75mm can be added at the bottom (STANDARD PLUS).
Can be supplied with or without envelope.

Total Size Standard 310x690mm, Standard Plus 310x765mm
Paper type Main body - board 250g, calendars 80g offset.
Envelopes Optional
Minimum order 50
Calendar Head Flat or "Pillow"
Additional advertising space 310x75mm - full colour, printed on 250g board, gloss lamination
Print finishing (main body only) No lamination, gloss or matt lamination
Special finishing (head only) Matt lamination with spot varnish
Special finishing (head only) Platinum - metallic paint effect